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Hi all
could i ask your advice please, i'm looking to open an account with IB, but just want to be sure i can trade the dow cash (indu)
index as i only have a two hour window at night (have to work through the day grrr) which is a real pane!. :cry:
cheers nick
still can't get my head round this bl##dly networking two computers to the internet DOH!.
No, you can't trade Dow cash with IB, only with spread betting companies because they 'make' the market.

You would need to trade the emini Dow futures (YM) at $5 per point. YM is becoming more fluid, but the best liquidity is on ES $50 per point. Remember that there are about 9 Dow points to one ES point, so there is very little monetary difference between the two.

I suggest you get up a chart of YM and see if you like the look of it for trading - on Lycos quote.com the ticker is CBOT:YM03M
Hi Skim

I thought the Dow was at $10 a point - Not sure why I thought that :confused:
Thanks for updating my complete lack of knowledge

Hi Iwish

Basically networking computers is a nightmare!!! Are you using Windows XP? if so It shouldn't be quiet so bad :)
The main Dow is $10 per point, but the emini Dow is $5 per point. There used to be a $2 per point emini, but that was dropped because of very low liquidity.

Oooooh, looks like I knew sommat you didn't :cheesy:

If you wrote down everything you knew that I didn't - you would crash the Internet :cheesy:

Thanks for clearing that up :)
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I have deleted you.

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