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SMART order routing is mainly applicable to trading US shares where you have more than one possible source of buying or selling a share. As an experiment try the following:

Take BGEN and place it on 3 separate lines, for line 1 select the provder as ISLD on line 2 select ARCA and on line 3 select Instinet.

Now watch the difference in the spread as it can be quite amazing. What SMART does is to route your order to the best price on the ask from all the providers (if you ar buying) and if selling finds the best price on the bid. This is why you usually see only a 1c spread when SMART is selected for your order routing.

Unless you have particular reasons to send your order by a specific route then stick with SMART.


Thanks Trader, the other thing I noticed was the option to exclude Arca. Why?

HOw do you think SMart order fills compare with direct access - etrade or other? Not sure myself as I have not day traded with IB yet....P
I dont think that SMART is as quick as any of the Level II direct access packages but it is quick. The reason being that with a direct access Level II screen you can target who you want to transact with click them, click your buy or sell button (or shortcut keys if you have set them up), and your filled. With Smart it is a little longer which is not really a problem except in a market where you need to transact and the bid or ask is collapsing very quickly. In this case a direct access screen is better in my view.


I have been using IB for about 1 month and am enabled for LIFFE and the general US package . The markets I track are ftse cash and futures, dow and S&P cash and e- minis
The problem I have is this : I have never received hi/lo and volumefigures. The platform is enabled for this, I just have empty columns
When I contacted IB , I was told hi/lo was not available yet, and volume was only available for US based accounts. ( my account is in sterling, but I dont think they are referring to that)
However, I have now been told by one trader that he can get this data for YM
Can anyone else who trades these markets with IB please give some advice
I used the IB feed to give volume as shown in the attached image up until March this year. Are you using a charting package ? as this may have a factor in whether you can get the data or not. So yes it is possible. It is not a great image but the green bars at the bottom are volume.




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I have volume working on ES,NQ and YM today using the Sierra / IB combo

Dont use volume though so had to enable it!

I AM that person :LOL: I have YM running now and hilo is showing 9137/9068 and the vol is 13722. I have £ based account.
Also less £ than when I started :cry:


Help!! Been trying to view the IB tutorial for several days, and despite PC being with repair man for ££££`s of work, I cannot get beyond the "logging in and out " on the L.H. "side bar" in tutorial window.( have downloaded Mac. plug-in )

If I click on any other item on side bar , it highlights , but nothing else happens ( except rise in blood pressure ) Any ideas?


Ken. T.
I've just had a go, and it's all OK for me!

I think I know where you're going wrong - just leave the sidebar alone, and use the 'start' button at the bottom right of the window, and then the 'next'/'previous' arrows. As you click through the tutorial you will automatically work your way down the list on the left hand side bar.

IB tutorial


Thanks for advice, but tried that, no difference--- seemes "stuck" on 2`nd Item down (logging in and out)-- but does "highlight " "Browser version" then zippo!! stucko!!!
Also the "next" instruction does not show at bottom R.H. of page.

Me thinks another visit to repair man--- got my own seat and coffee mug ( and shares in the business!! )

Thanks again

Good night

Ken. T.