IB and LSE Level II?


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Has anyone used LSE level II with IB? They quote £30 pm for it, but it is not mentioned in the IB user manual, they discuss looking at Naz Level II, with no illustration, but there is no mention of LSE data. I'm wondering what sort of support TWS provides, or does it simply make the data available for a custom front end to use?


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The IB Nasdaq Level II platform is very inadequte and does not include ECNs so is almost of no use at all. If the LSE version is the same then get ready to be disappointed.



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Peter / Paul

but presumably LSE level II only needs to show the number of hits, volume and price as the ECN info does not apply in the UK ?



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Yes, if the stocks you are trading are the top 350 ie SETS, it will look just like a futures depth of market with total number of bids /offers at each price, and no other info.

Believe Individual market maker bid/offer info is only available for non SETS stocks.


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Ooops DaxTrader is correct - I am so used to only looking at SETS and SETSmm stocks that I forget about SEAQ stocks. SEAQ strocks quote wise are more like the Nasdaq quotes though the actual execution is still over the phone. I'm not sure exactly how many stocks are over onto SETS/SETSmm right now but it must be quite a few stocks over and above the FTSE100 and FTSE250.

Normally once a stock enters the FTSE100 it was moved to SETS and would stay there even when it dropped out of the FTSE100. I guess the same will be the case for the FTSE250 and SETSmm.

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