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Hi John
I'm spread betting FTSE 100/250 companies and the Dow.
I find www.finspreads.com a very good company as their web based betting is very easy to use but also use IGIndex adn City Index.

All 3 have similar spreads and very good service.

I find the secret is:
short term trades
intra day charts
don't overtrade as if it goes wrong and get margin called and cannot pay you will be stopped out . and lose big time.
Trade only the best opportunities.
Match stakes to risk
Take profits..

And watch markets like a hawk..



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I think the US markets are at a cross roads tonight, the scenario we all talked about for months is beginning to develop with people selling their blue chip holdings to meet margin calls. Brokers will be closing positions without reference to US customers. Titus UK (Mark) has spelled out the situation succinctly.

Although it is difficult to forecast a crash with any certainty, I think we are nearer to a CRASH than at previous times. Investors and traders are becoming demoralised and selling up. The BEARS are firmly in control and shorting activity is likely to maintain the downward trend, reinforced by earnings warnings of which there are forecast to be hundreds more to come.

I think we only need a single EVENT to be the catalyst and BANG! I really think we are nearer to this event than at any time since 1998. We have been spot on up to now. Watch this space.



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Like many, I made the mistake of rushing in for bargains and got burnt. Until I see a higher high, I would not touch this market with a barge pole. This is a day traders market only. The selling is getting wider, as good stocks are sold to fund other losses. We talked about phases of a decline a few weeks ago. I now think we are firmly in phase 3.

The negativity will have been advanced by a non-voting member of the Fed telling the markets that they should not count on the Fed to alter rates just because they are tumbling. Indeed, unless they push the entire economy down, they have no more importance than other trends. The tail does not wag the dog.

So let the bottom fishers fish. Wait for the next fall, for as sure as night follows day, it will come. I am older and wiser now. In some ways I feel lucky to only know the bad times. It has made me work harder, left me more mechanical and less euphoric. So when this crap stops, I will have worked hard on perfecting a strategy that works! But I feel there may be a while to wait before that happens!

Be careful
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