The Crash!


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How long does it take a market to crash i.e. minutes, hours or days? Also, how much of a % does the market have to lose before it's classed as a crash? Or do other factors have to be applied to warrant a sharp down side as being a crash? One more thing, how many times has the market crashed in the last 30yrs? and how many times has the housing market crashed in the last 30yrs? Cheers! PeeDee!


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A crash is a sudden dramatic loss of value of shares. A depression or bear market can be far more damaging.

In the 1929 crash the dow dropped 50%, but inthe great depression that preceded this, it dropped a totoal of 85%.

In 1987 the dow lost 22% in one day. The FTSE lost 10.8% in the first day and 12.2% the second.

The 2002 downturn was more part of a bear market and saw the NASDAQ 75% from its previous highs.
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