I want golfing lessons


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CKB - The car parks of golf clubs must be your favourite haunts! All those new motors parked with no respect to anyone else - tsk tsk - SSSCCCCCRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTCCCCHHHHHHHHHH!


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EuroD - calling me a socialist is equally hilarious.

Not as hilarious as www.carkeyboi.com though!


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BBB said:
Why would a socialist like you want to play a 'sport' like golf?

I thought golf was for the beige-waa-zee middle classes. You bloody sell out.

Anyway, golf is a good walk spoilt by 18 holes.


BBB I suggested being a caddy to the other guy so my socialist comment was directed towards him NOT YOU. Here I quoted you............you called him a socialist too,lol

stephen hill

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Crikey Chaps,
Thought I would get some formal golf lessons before I joined a club.

Approached a local ( Tehidy) new golf balls and Club who wanted me to fill in a form, get references, THEN go along for an interview - just to knock a white ball around.

Interview - I want to play golf, not get a job !!

Tuition = £20 per half hour.

So the search continues for a golf club to accept an over fifty, socialist, golfing novice.

Interview - ye gods!!
Can I contact this member ?


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Could start at the pitch & put m8