I honestly cannot recommend that anyone develop, or follow up an interest in trading.


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Oil, anything is possible, but it is all hype unless proven over the long run on a live account. I had 15% gains on my total account on my EUR/GBP--short today. Compunded, that is 2,164% over one month. (Do the math on compounded interest over 22 trading days.). I just proved its possible. But please, let's me real. That is overnight.
Another thing, if I was doing that conssitently, I probably wouldn't be on here talking about it. Also, if you were doing that consistently then you would be breaking the vault of your broker.
BTW, after the trade hits my target at .8283, the trade will be up 24%, but I still didn't prove anything. I'm just trying to objectively make a point.

The only way you know how to make 1,000 % with drawdown < 10 % , is if I give all the details of method on a free message board.It would prove to you guys it can be done , only if I let it all out.

I respect your intelligence and don't expect you to ask for the details , because nobody with that grail is going to let it all out.

It can be done and I am doing it.Be as abusive and rude as you like.


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Are you still in this you charlatan?
While DT is thinking up a smart reply to that, I thought I would look up the origin of that word. According to Wackypedia:

Ultimately, etymologists trace "charlatan" from either the Italian ciarlare, to prattle; or from Cerretano, a resident of Cerreto, a village in Umbria, known for its quacks.

No to be confused with "charlady".

A charlady, char or charwoman was an English house cleaner. The term has the same roots as "chore woman," one hired to do odd chores around the house. ...
'Can I do you now, Sir?'
Mrs Mopp the office char, Dorothy Summers, ITMA


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Nah don't think so longstanding member Arabian here who always has some entertaining and quite often gay themed stuff to contribute is best testimony against that !!!


Actually don't think he's gay tho to be honest, otherwise why would he be chasing down British autobahns in his sports car making risqué films with a girl...

But whatever the case absolutely doesn't make a difference to me either way and anyway, ex neighbour of mine was some gay actor and he was one of the nicest guys around.

Live and let live eh.


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It's just a lazy and disinterested attempt to get ODDT banned. Anyone reading his comments will think t2w is a total joke, I don't think that's fair, but not a lot I can do about it.

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