I am losin Forex, are you?


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Hi nhasan,
Thanks for your valuable comment?
My pleasure!

Can we take it as an experiment?
Of course, I'm just offering my opinion - don't let anything I say put you off!

Did you ever trade in a group by sharing trade plan?
Not as such, no. I was a member of an informal club that met once a month to talk about investment etc. There were people there with very specific skills and experience, so it was possible to tap into that if one wanted.

Did you test the application attached?
Sorry, no. I'm just focussing on the principle behind your idea, as outlined in your opening post.


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"where each member has a specific job to do that they're better at than anyone else in the group. So, for example, perhaps there's a group of three traders and one of them is very strong on fundamentals. S/he then picks the markets and sectors based on that. Then there's a trader who's the bees knees at TA, s/he then selects individual instrument(s) from within the chosen markets. For the sake of argument, the third member is ace at risk and money management, along with entries and exits, so s/he's the one that actually executes the trades.

This would be very interesting to see the outcome of such a combination. I wonder if anyone has actually tried this sort of setup with trading?

Although typically the Fundy vs. T/A would disagree on trades it would be interesting to have a selection of trades passed on to the other person and that is the list they HAVE to select from...

Very interesting, I might have to try to find some people for this experiment with just out of curiosity.


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Very interesting, I might have to try to find some people for this experiment with just out of curiosity.
Hi lloydbee,
In one of those recent TV programs about retail traders, they featured an investment club that - broadly speaking - did something along these lines. If memory serves, the club moved away from 'investing' towards 'trading' - as their horizons were shortened for whatever reason. The main group selected a handful of stocks and then two traders had access to the club's account to place trades as they saw fit on the chosen stocks. They conferred with one another daily as part of their risk management procedure to ensure neither of them went off on some flight of fancy and to ensure they didn't have too much capital tied up in any one trade. Essentially, they had to sell the idea of the trade to the other person and it was only executed if both traders were in complete agreement. Also, if the trade lost money, they could report back to the main group knowing that they could explain their actions in full.

For the most part, I think much of this stuff boils down to having a tried and tested plan that is executed with discipline. For those of us who struggle to stick to the script, then a mechanism along the lines of the one described above might be useful. For those traders who have the whole discipline thing completely under control, this idea is unlikely to appeal.


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Re I am losin Forex, are you?

You guy`s Rock post. just awesome. As i am new trader i try to learn & follow...want to be a good trader :innocent:


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Hello friends

I am in Forex trading for long time
But yet to find the holly Grail!
Most of my trade decisions are wrong and ends with loss.

Now I have built a software to combine some other traders who are losing in Forex like me.

If we can trade together we surely can reduce risk of wrong decision.

Say for example two traders A and B both have success rate of making right trade decision is around 40%.

So when they trade individually each of their trade decision has 60% probability to be wrong.

Now if they trade together and execute their decisions only if both of them agreed then the probability of making wrong decision will reduced to 0.6x0.6 = 0.36
So probability of making right decision increase up to 64%.

In this way we can reduce risk and increase profit probability by including as many traders as possible in our group.

If you are facing the same issue, please join with me to test the idea in demo account.

Here attached the software, test it in your end and let me know how it can be improve to make it more useful

Note: Google Chrome blocks this zip to download as it contains the setup.exe file. Please use other browser to download it.

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