I am answering the BIG Q about EUR/USD for the rest of the week here:


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Feb 3, 2009
Be still my heart! You're not just answering random "q's", I see. You're answering "the BIG Q"!

If the answer is not 42, I will be VERY VERY disappointed!
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Sep 9, 2009
googled:) from Russian

According to currency analysts TD Securities, a good report on U.S. GDP for the 3rd quarter, will reduce the risk of care trends that swept the market this week. As has been held in the bank, it is one thing - to listen to economists, who say the end of the recession, and quite another - to see confirmation in the actual GDP data. Although a strong indicator, certainly, would have a positive effect, bank analysts believe that any figure above 3.0% would be sufficient for the growth in equity markets and, consequently, a slight reduction entrenched this week the U.S. dollar. Economists expect U.S. GDP growth in the 3 rd quarter by 3.2%. Source: Forexpf.Ru - Forex News