I’m new on your forum and I want to introduce my self.


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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Didier Dutilleux, I’m a Belgian citizen and I earn my living as Online Publisher. My operation is in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam, where I have a company with a local friend, and from where we develop and manage all our websites (+-1.000),

On the moment more than 60% are game sites where we work with Google Adsense where we are paid per click (PPC) the rest are Amazon product websites and Spiritual websites where we for both niches are paid Commission per Action (CPA)

We are busy to extent our niches and we start this month with some Financial websites and you can visit a sample single website here: http://foreigncurrencyexchangeinfo.com

For that reason I have joint your forum and I want to propose the following: as we have our in-house writers here in Vietnam, we like to regularly (if OK for your min. weekly a Post) contribute to your Forum so that I can get some good back links on our financial Websites?

And to make it visible for your we want to create and send you some “sample Post” so that you see who we want to contribute!

If the way that we will us is satisfying you, please guide us where we can post minimum weekly one likely post, and be sure that we will answer on a appropriate way all comments and questions of your readers.

I wait for your answer and decision and in the mean time have a nice day.

Didier Dutilleux
IT Unit AnThanh Project


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Hi Didier,
There are already millions of articles written about trading by people who have never traded a bean and have no real interest in the subject. Like confetti, the internet is littered with them. Very few of them have any value: the last thing T2W needs is more of the same. It looks to me as if the website you link to falls into this category.

What our members want are contributions by people who - at the very least - are genuinely interested in the topic. Ideally, they will comment on their own experiences trading real money. Such posts have value because they help to expand the envelope of awareness, teach skills and add to our members' knowledge base. Unless you and/or your staff writers fall into this latter category - then T2W is not the forum for you. If you can provide content of this calibre, based on your own experiences as traders, then feel free to contribute as much as you want.

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