Huge Scammeresses


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You've got 15 mins to watch cutting edge on channel 4- biggest scamsters ever. Eat your heart out DW and SV- Two women. Reminds me of someone.... :cheesy:
Basically, if you missed it, there was this Lebian pair from Australia that came over here in 98 and pulled off huge scams in Corporate Bonds, taking punters for $150,000 a throw, and then lived the life of Riley off the procedes. Sh'ed been in and out of prison since 16 ( now 53) for fraud, running brothels etc. Very interesting program about how to fleece the rich and greedy. Interestingly, she said it was the punter's greeed of easy riches that made them part with their money so easily. Does that ring a bell?
No, course not! Not got a TV. LOL

If there is anything really interesting, such as the Twin Towers, the Queen Mum's funeral, or Diana's funeral, I have to go round to a neighbour's house, and somehow that programme didn't rate on that scale.

I was laughing at your comment (the one you deleted). :cheesy:
Sick reply


With all due respect, I do not think that someone who lost a wife husband or close relative in the twin towers not so long ago,would agree with your comment, "anything really interesting".
A tragedy, yes.
You then mention people's funerals,which again are personal to that family. I found your comments tasteless.
So thousands have to die before any programme is on the scale to make it worth watching. I found your comments tasteless.
no TV huh . interesting . I've toyed with that idea , I too think that 90% of what is shown is poopoo .

tasteless: mmm , I don't see why , I mean one can chose just to watch big events , what's wrong with that ?
Skimmy, you morbid creature you. Only watching death and destruction???

Not surprised by the fact you do not have a tv. I don't either, Not since it got nicked in a burglary last year. Licence about to run out so I thought stuff it. Always complaining that 'there is nothing on tv' even with sky. On me own in the week, always busy with this lark. So cancelled the dd for the licence. Took a while to get used to it. Become conditioned to turning the box on when you come in, wake up etc. Takes a while to realise that most is rubbish fed to the masses to keep them occupied. But now. no distraction = clear focus.
All those little jobs around the house get done quicker now as well.

Lost count of the licence reminders/threats the dear old beeb have sent. Replied to the first one. "Don't watch tv, do not need a licence."
Had a licence inspector knock on the door the other day around lunchtime. (when most people are out at work, so that makes sense).

"Morning, I'm from the blah, blah, blah... here's my id...Have you renewed your tv licence recently?"

If I had done, then you wouldn't be standing on my doorstep.
"No, I haven't."

"Ah"... (Eyes light up in anticipation). "Can I ask why not."

"Yes; I don't watch tv anymore, so I don't need a licence."

(Laughs) "Well, that's your right, it's a free country."

Actually it's not. But we won't go into that one right now.
"That's right."

"I see..(he says, looking up from his clip board after writing and giving me a half grin), that you have a sky dish on the house."

Wow, a budding Inspector Clouseau

"Is that in use?"


We both stare at each other for a few seconds.

"That would normally indicate that you are viewing sky programes. You do realise that you still have to have a tv licence don't you?" (Grin getting bigger).

You presumptuous, condescending ars***le
"Yes I know."

Stare at each other for a few more seconds.

"I also have cable tv running into the house, and a car on the drive. you don't see me driving though do you?"

Smile gone.

"Can I come in just to confirm," Goes to take a step forward.

My word not good enough?

"It's the only way we can check quickly."

"Stick one of your detector vans outside, that will tell you."

strangely he doesn't answer this.

"It will only take a second to clear this up."

Unless you have a warrant with you to access the property then you are not coming in.
"It is already cleared up. Programmes are abysmal, Licence fee is extortionate. Not watching tv, don't need a licence. How many times have you said to the mrs that there is nothing on tv?"

"So you don't have a television in the house?"


Then he turns and walks away.

So, I'll let you know when they haul me up in court.
that's the trouble with the written word. It's open to the readers interpretation of it in all its' imagination.
I'm quite sure Skim didn't mean it in the way that you interpreted it. she may or may not clarify later.

I read it as she only watches 'big' events. (She probably watched Charles and Di's wedding all the way through.) (Only a woman could.) :rolleyes:

My opening remark in the earlier post reflected my view that she does watch other things.

But what she watches is her choice and hers alone however tasteless you find it.

I lost a friend in the 9/11 and only an Islamic terrorist would applaud those actions as they unfolded.
But on that day the whole world was watching.

So is everyone a tasteless deviant?
Skim & Options

With no TV how do you find out about breaking news that may effect markets?

I agree that most stuff on the tele is a pile of poo but I can't imagine not having Bloomberg so that I can gauge sentiment and be aware of breaking news and economic figures.

If it weren't for trading and the wife's obsession with soaps I'd seriously think about binning the box. :D


The point I was making, if you read my posting again, was nothing at all to do with what or what not people are watching!
I never mentioned that at all, you did.

Chartman asked Skim whether she had seen the programme about the two Australian fraudsters. Her reply was that
and somehow that programme didn't rate on that scale.
which gives the presumption that only real-life r/t tragedies are worth wathching.
It is a moot point whether someone else other than a moderator had posted her message, it may have been deleted. we need a moderator for the moderators sometimes, and that is no bad thing.Keeps them on their toes, and anyway everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

The internet is probably faster for news than television and some software programs incorporate news bulletin boards. Also when I trade I react to what the market does and never try to anticipate the effect that any news may have on the market. So to me at least news is almost irrelevant to whether my trading is profitable or not.

OK, for 'anything really interesting' read 'historically significant events'. Happy now? No, of course you won't be ...

Not sure about the internet being faster than TV for breaking news.

I too do not "try to anticipate the effect that any news may have on the market" but ocassionally I have tried to trade off the back of US economic news. The only source I have found to be fast enough with breaking economic figures is Bloomberg (can't get on with CNBC).

Obviously trading this way is risky but I was wondering what effect not having access to an economic news channel would have on someone's trading.


Think this post may be getting off the topic of ChartMan's original thread. Sorry :|

Try looking up the definition of "Presumed" it means making judgements without having all the facts.


I trade without reference to any economic news.

The simple answer FC is that it is all in the charts for the type of trading I do at this present moment in time.

Not talking about the Nasdaq, which for that I believe a L2 screen and news feed is the only way to trade. Otherwise you are going up against the likes of Naz and Mr Charts effectively blind. (Although I have found shares that have given amazing runs by using charting methods, the speed can be terrifying on the break.)
Also, I have not sourced a L2 screen that suits me yet. So I stay with what I know for the time being. (Main indices.currencies.)

I am aware of major announcements concerning the markets and watch and react accordingly. You have a weekly/daily diary on the front page for example to tell you what will be announced and when. You can then see the reaction unfold on a chart. I don't react to good/bad employment figs etc for example. The chart if it hasn't already told you will tell you in due course.

To react to an announcement on Bloomberg about a share is to step into the lions den. (Unless of course you know what you are doing.)
Good news announced, you buy, share flies up. Big money comes in to sell, share drops like a stone trapping the unwary in a raft of longs.
At present I prefer to keep track of just one or two charts. Much less hectic.
They also talk a lot of rubbish on the money channels in any case and is frankly just a distraction.

Plenty of people will disagree with this of course, but that does not concern me. I trade to my liking. That simple.
There was a big spike up on the eur/usd a short while ago. The chart said it could happen. You just had to decide when to get in or reverse to join it. (Always the tricky part.) ;)

They also talk a lot of rubbish on the money channels in any case and is frankly just a distraction

Couldn't agree more. I know not to take notice of an 'expert's' opinion on certain matters but when somone makes a comment about the market that I am trading it's very difficult not to listen. (Though I am far more disciplined than I used to be in this regard).

Think I may have to wean myself off Bloomy and try listening to the radio as Skimmy does - not taking up knitting though :)

hi ops -

great post!

u mentioned a spike on eur/usd a short while ago and that it was in the charts.... any chance you could post that chart and indicate what gave you the clues beforehand that it would happen.....


skim: it wasn't a Freudian slip that you happened to mention the morbid tasteless stuff by any chance was it....