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traders! This week, my Lesson will show how to use multiple time frames to
trade the Forex market. In the grand scheme of this core strategy, we recommend
using three time frames to help make your investing and trading decisions,
whether you are trading stocks, Forex, Options or futures. The first time
frame, or largest time frame, is to determine where we are in the ‘big
picture’, essentially showing us where the biggest institutions are trading.
The next time frame down shows us the direction/trend between these
institutional levels. And the third or smallest time frame show us smaller
supply and demand zones so we can join the trend in between those the larger
time frame levels. Pretty easy, huh? Let’s get into a bit more detail…

Now, the
difference between these levels for multiple time frame analysis is usually a
factor of 4, 5 or 6 depending on circumstance. What this means is that if you
are using a monthly Forex chart for your largest time frame, divide the...
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