How to speed up practise trading?


Hi there guys,
I have a paper trading account on trading view so I can practise but it is taking so long for my trades to play out. Is there anyway I can use my time more effectively so that I can learn faster? Thanks in advance.
Many traders are simply putting in the hours, thinking that if they spend enough time around the markets, analyzing charts, reading books, and studying courses, their skill level will improve. "Putting in hours" is necessary when you are starting out, as there is a lot to learn. But putting in hours won't necessarily increase your profit potential. If you always do the same thing and make the same mistakes, putting in the hours will just ingrain those habits even more.


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Just curious to know why you want to do that! Speeding up your practice would make you overlook some lessons and you may not even learn properly. It's the unsaid truth that learning to trade takes time and if you want to get good at it, you must give it enough time.


  • Trading can be challenging, especially for those just beginning in the markets, but many early missteps can be corrected with education and experience.
  • If you can't figure something out, ask for help! Even if it seems like a small issue, there are several resources both online and offline that you can seek out.
  • That said, stick to your guns! Others can lead you astray and lead you to act emotionally instead of logically.
  • Practice, discipline, and focus are key to keep you trading smart and strategically day in and day out.


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Join a community! It really helps to have a support group/accountability partners. One of my favorite things about trading is showing up every day to the chatrooms with the people I know for years now and tackling the market. Not everyone has the same strategy but we all share the same psychological hurdles and can celebrate each others successes or help with problems.
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