How to increase the score by 1000 times


How to increase the score by 1000 times. I managed to go almost half the way to this goal. The result for four months was increased by 28 times. It remains to increase the score by another 35 times and the goal would be achieved. Indeed, it beckons so, I opened an account in the account of $ 10 and in a year you have $ 10,000. Here is my report
Gross Profit: 423.21 Gross Loss: 151.95 Total Net Profit: 271.26
Profit Factor: 2.79 Expected Payoff: 0.95
Absolute Drawdown: 1.34 Maximal Drawdown: 32.46 (24.79%) Relative Drawdown: 55.11% (10.63)

Total Trades: 285 Short Positions (won %): 137 (73.72%) Long Positions (won %): 148 (66.89%)
Profit Trades (% of total): 200 (70.18%) Loss trades (% of total): 85 (29.82%)
Largest profit trade: 13.00 loss trade: -15.80
Average profit trade: 2.12 loss trade: -1.79
Maximum consecutive wins ($): 18 (63.18) consecutive losses ($): 12 (-10.63)
Maximal consecutive profit (count): 63.18 (18) consecutive loss (count): -31.50 (5)
Average consecutive wins: 5 consecutive losses: 2
This was my second attempt. From the first I increased the score 20 times, I could no longer. Although before starting this venture, I tested the system on the strategy tester, everything turned out easily. But with real money it’s more difficult. Here is the monitoring of the account of the first attemptделаем-из-1-10-100/2130251 The whole problem is in psychology. When you work with such risks, the account goes for seconds in order to manage to close a losing trade. Indeed, with the risks of a transaction 100-500% of the deposit, a couple of seconds and 20-25 points of movement against the transaction are enough to reset the account. I looked at the monitoring of the first attempt, there are 40 transactions there, only 6 were with a drawdown of about 15 points. And the rest is practically without drawdown. Once he delayed the closing and the account was gone. So in the second attempt. Delay with closing and all. We must think how not to break and follow the system.