Article How to Build a Calm Patient Trader Psychology

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The moment that real capital is put at risk in trading, everything changes.  Trading goes from an intellectual exercise where loss is abstract and not personal to a visceral experience where potential loss unhinges the rational mind and primitive emotional responses take charge of the trading mind.  After experiencing real losses, the emotional survival brain even starts anticipating potential losses (rather than gains) and hijacks the trading mind BEFORE action decisions are made.  If you have dealt with fear of entering a trade or fear of pulling the trigger on a perfectly good set-up, you have experienced the baffling power survival emotions have over rational thought. 
Or if you have perceived that a trade could be getting away from you if you just sit there and wait for it to shape up properly, then muscled your way into the trade, only for it to collapse – you, too, have experienced survival instincts overriding rational thought to create a mind incapable of trading...

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I have rated this article 10 stars .It would be difficult to understand the mind in trading , for many traders , unless this article showed a practical relationship with trading .This would take a long time to write.As an example it should demonstrate the practical relation ship in trading , I put on a trade long , as the price broke lower , I re-actively put on a short trade , this was a subconscious reactive pattern to avoid losses.I should not have done it , but fear of loss triggered a subconscious automatic trade.
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