How successful has the FX Turbo Trader been?


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Good morning to all and this is a great site!

I have been getting numerous invitations to go on board with Market Traders Institute.

I was shown some of the trading history of its founder along with some other negative reports, and am inclined to not go in that direction, although most of the negativity appears to be behind them.

Nonetheless, it is a huge institution and prides itself, for one, with the FX Turbo Trader software which can be both an EA or be manually traded. Has anyone used that software? It boasts of some 100 pips a month if traded automatically and a higher quantity if manually participated in. Becoming a member involves some 4500 to 5000 in cost.

If though it works that well, could a similar configuration be constructed without infringing on anyone's intellectual rights or copyright laws? It appears to use a perhaps 50-200 ema and an entry and exit colored signal to let the trader know when to enter and depart a trade.

MTI speaks of some 30,000 plus members being a part of its repertoire and they offer a 24 hour analyst on demand type service along with a fib approach. While I am not being a proponent, the sales rep spoke of first tier students achieving a 400 pip a month return. That is not too shabby.

I'd be interested in your great thoughts and suggestions on all of this.

Highest regards!

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