How much money can you make day trading futures?

When thinking "how much" can you make per day its important not just to focus on a $ amount. Its more important to know things like: How much risk was taken? What was the drawdown? How many contracts etc ?
These metrics will help you get an idea of what is possible for you & "how good" a trader/system is rather than a specific $ amount.

As a guide I always base my metrics on a per contract basis. As I don't scale out the metric numbers are the same whether trading 1 contract or 10 contracts.

With that said, I filmed my screen today to show its possible to make money trading 1 contract. What I , you, anyone thinks is a reasonable amount to make per day per contract is up to the individual.

(I've attached the brokerage statement as well so the trades can be cross referenced to the real live brokerage account if desired )


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