How do you *read* earnings reports? Participate in short academic research


Dear Traders

My name is David. I'm a business school professor who helped build the SEC's EDGAR website, where the SEC posts companies' earnings announcements. We are doing research to help us understand how people *read* earnings announcements? Do you think you can spare 5 minutes to help us do this short exercise, at the link below? It would help us a lot. You are the kinds of people we care about.... It's a 5-minute exercise.

This is not spam. Honest-to-goodness academic research about traders who care about fundamentals. Will be so grateful for your taking the 5 minutes to complete the exercise.
With sincere thanks,

Dr. David Bodoff
I have never in 20+ years of trading read a company's earnings announcement. I let the analysts read them and then mark the company as a buy or a sell and then follow the price. They are better analysts then me.