Hot Tip: Many opportunities with DJT


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Hot Tip:
According to my options scanner, DJT has many trade opportunities with big payoffs !
Especially for DTE >= 9 (ie. expiration date next week or later).
Check it out.

It's the "Trump Media & Technology Group Corp. (DJT)", ie. the company of Donald Trump,
which started trading only a few days ago --> see the news.

The scanner uses a watchlist of about 30 tickers. I just added DJT to the list and the result shows that DJT has many good trades.
The scanner scans for CoveredCall (CC) and CashSecuredPut (CSP) trades.
But the result can also be used for pure ShortCall trades and ShortPut trades.

The output of the scanner: the lines are very long, so maybe disable linewrapping when loading in text editor or text viewer:
... hmm. pasting it in CODE block does not work, as it's garbled (maybe due to the long lines)
... ok, attached the txt file.

DTE=1 is present in the list as well, but I don't have much experience with such short timeframes.
Ie. it can be used for 1DTE and 0DTE etc. too.

BEWARE: whatever you do with that information: do it at your own risk! Of course I cannot take any responsibility if the trade goes wrong for you :)


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This news article explains well the reason why DJT offers so many lucrative option trades:
There wasn't any specific news out on Trump Media, which went public on Tuesday through a special purpose acquisitions company (SPAC) merger with Digital World Acquisition Company (Nasdaq: DWAC). However, it's not unusual for a newly public stock to be volatile in its first trading days as it finds an equilibrium point and traders also try to capitalize on the volatility.

Trump Media has some of the characteristics of a meme stock as it seems more likely to swing on the whims of traders or news related to Trump himself than it is on its actual fundamentals.