Budding Tipster Opportunity


We are an established Tipster Platform that is looking for budding share tipsters who want to earn a recurring monthly income.

We have built Tipster Platforms in other markets since 2012 and are now looking to replicate our success in the UK stock market.

Our current top earning tipster has over 1300 subscribers paying £40 a month for their tipster service. Our lowest earning tipster currently has around 600 paid subscribers/followers paying £40 a month.

We have a strict Quality over Quantity approach to our tipsters – we focus on working with a small number of high quality tipsters who can demonstrate a strong track record of generating profits, consistently.

On our existing tipster platforms it has taken some time to whittle down the number of prospective tipsters from an initial 600 to the 15 or so we currently work with on each platform.

We ask each prospective tipster to provide share tips to us over a three month period. To test the logic and strategy of the tipsters we also ask for a summary investment rationale to explain why they had chosen each of their tips.

Tipsters do not need to pay us any fees whatsoever or share any information they don’t want to share.

This is not a get rich quick scheme; if you can consistently demonstrate an ability to earn good investment profits then we can help you build a recurring monthly income of £10/20/30/40K which will augment your own trading profits without taking up much more of your time or effort.

Ideally we are looking for individuals who can regularly generate one/two trading ideas a month every month but we can be flexible and fit in with your own approach.

Given the time delay this is probably not suitable for the day trader community.

Whatever you style, approach or strategy to trading or investment this could be a great opportunity, so please do get in touch.

Many thanks

Over what timescale are you expecting the tip to pay off? It's easy to say "buy Microsoft", you'll never be wrong, eventually.