Holy Commissions Batman


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On the way back from Batman today, I 'accidentally' wandered with my son into the Thai online trading expo (or something like that) in Central World, Bangkok.

I had a chat with a guy from one of the brokers there, I was interested in having a look at Thai Futures markets.

Good Lord it ain't cheap.

According to the guy from UOB, margin is 50,000 THB/contract, or $1,600 - that's OK
Value of each tick is 300 Baht/ $9.52
He said it was 10 ticks per point and 10 points was normal average range
Commissions start a 450 Baht PER SIDE - $14.28 per side or $28.56 per round turn

Apparently - if you do 100 lots a day, it goes down to 300 baht/$9.52 per round turn

I asked him how many contracts are traded a day - he smiled, puffed up his chest and said "about 10,000" - well I'm hardly bloody surprised at those rates.

Is this the most expensive futures market around?

Anyone fancy opening an account?


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lol! No & he wasn't riding a camel, either.

No - apparently there's a central committee that sets the rates the brokers have to use...


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I don't think it's *that* much, though it is still quite prohibitive.

Last summer I was paying $30 per r/t for my options trades. This is without mentioning the spread, which is terrible for options as they are illiquid in most anything that isn't SPY.

Back when I first started out with my bank's "investment account", it was $70 per r/t. Talk about a rip-off... My mentality back then was "who cares about costs if I have big wins?" You dumb-***, VG! :mad:

These days I always take the spread + commissions into account. I've learned my hard lessons...
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