Historic moving average


Hi, Im probably asking this question in the wrong group but as Im still finding my way around I hope you will all understand. What Im trying to do is take a group of shares say 250 in all, then compare there 200 day moving averages to see how many have risen and how many have fallen on each day. Im using sharescope which to a limited extent can do this but doesnt table the results, in other words I can only look one day at a time. What Ive now done is to export the 250 shares into excel, scan each share, calculate the 200 day moving ave, store that info then move to the next share, etc when completed then print the 200d ma for each share (form about 1995 onwards), them on the spreadsheet see how many each day have risen/fallen. I have not quite perfected the program, but as you can imagine this takes along time to process. So far Im working with 30 shares. Basically I want to look back to historically and see on each day how many share x m/a rose/fell. Sorry this is a bit long winded but does anybody know of software that can do this and display the results for each. Regards Robert
You may find that AIQ TEP will do it...You might have to build your stock list manually tho. BUT it will tell you from that list, which stocks closed above the 200MA or any other criteria you may wish to test for.
Thankyou for your advice Ill take a look. Ive just been playing around with writing filters for sharescope and found that I can add several criteria quicker this way, so if I do one for each week I may also be able to look back this way. Thanks again
Regards Robert