Hi, I am Jeninova and a newbie in this kind of business so how will I start?


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Open a small account - $50 to $100; Keep it alive. Demo account is not going to help you; you will never get to a point where you will feel confident and comfortable enough start risking real money. The working environment is far too dynamic. If you are going try and make money trading short term price fluctuations, put some skin in the game. See what it feels like to lose money; see what it feels like to live with losing money. If you are going to make it in this business, neither the thought nor the occurrence of losing money can take too big a toll on you emotionally or psychologically. Much of a normal trading day is a grind. If you can't get past the issue of losing money, it's going to be difficult to last for very long in this business. So start working with real money.


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I think it's okay to work with demo accounts first until you have more of an idea about what you are doing. Just be aware that things won't work exactly the same on a real account.


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Demos are only good to understand the functionality of a trading platform (IG, CMC market trading 212 etc) and test your system. I'd really recommend trying to get skin in the game fast...and if you can find a trusted trading mentor (preferably one you don't have to pay for and who has a proven track record - it's invaluable). There are a few decent ones on here.

2 biggest things to note in trading imo:
1) Risk Management - cut losers fast and let winners run...you'll hear people say this all the time, but it's so true
2) Learn how to read price / chart patterns. This unfortunately cannot be taught and imo takes years of literally staring at the screen.
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I think that a real newcomer should read existing topics and like some content.
If he doesn't it is very likely we are dealing with a bot... ;)


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Be it Forex, or any other kind of business, the first step always has to be exploring that field, researching and gathering max info. If you spend some quality time on this part, believe me, future journey would be much better.


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Start by learning basic concepts like terminology and then move on to the harder stuff, like strategies, risk management, and so on. You can also open a demo once you feel ready to practice on.


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Clear your forex basics and practice on a demo account side by side. The day when you feel confident about your knowledge and skills, open a live account but use a small amount to start with, because you would also need to learn risk management and money management that are better learnt when you have put your own money at risk.


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The way you said it made me feel like you have no idea about anything when it comes to forex trading. Am I correct?
For the starter, understand how forex market and trading work by reading more and more on free courses that you can find online. I suggest babypips "school of pipsology". One of the best way to start off.
Once you get to the final chapter of that course, you will get to know what to do next.
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Start with education. Treat trading like a career and a highly skilled one like medicine or law. You aren't going to be doing it properly for a long while and that is fine. Learn to love the process as money is something that comes way down the line if it does at all.


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You’ll need to do a lot of learning, plenty of useful posts about that on this forum, read up and watch videos of trading and then demo


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Read some trading books or watch some youtube channels, participate in the forum's discussion and then practice on a demo account and after that go live with a small amount.


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A new trader shouldn’t wait long to start practicing on a demo account. Everyone tends to forget things that are only read, whereas it is easy to retain knowledge when it’s practically applied.


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A new trader shouldn’t wait long to start practicing on a demo account. Everyone tends to forget things that are only read, whereas it is easy to retain knowledge when it’s practically applied.
Agreed. Only they can start when they have better understanding what forex trading is
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