Heres another trick to watch for..


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I've been in Aggreko (AGK) a couple of times over the last 3/4 months. Results were yesterday, and pretty decent. I sold previous as I didn't want to risk a tumble.

So tonight I'm a bit miffed to see the price up 10p or more, opened at the low, closed at the high of the day, suggesting further upward movement.

Closer inspection of the trades today showed a different story.

Buys..5% (all small)
Sells..90% (mostly v. big)

Joe Public is being enticed to buy the shares, good results, an upward movement of price suggesting a further run.
The Clever Money is selling hard. (From the charts, bearish divergences are appearing)

Watch for a few long and short days to tempt a few more to buy, and then the downhill slide will start.

Maybe I'm getting cynical...
Very interesting, ..... one to follow.

PS where do you check for buys/sells in the volume. I use ADVFN, crude, prone to errors but better than nothing.
i use

go to 'portfolio', and request your share. Along the top line of the share info, you see 'discussions', 'charts' etc. Click on 'more'. This takes you to another page and in the top bar, you will see 'trades'. You can request the last 100 trades or a max of 8 hours of trades, whichever the smallest.