I was getting tempted to make an angry phone call to my data provider, as I suddenly noticed several of my charts had started to miss data for companies such as FAY, RJB etc. However, before I did this, I thought I ought to double check why. So off I trotted to look at shares traded on ADVFN, and lo and behold - htere were no trades! So was that because no-one wanted to buy, or no-one could buy eg shares suspended. Or had they been taken over/ merged, and I had not even noticed because of my studying??

Answers on a postcard please!

Thanks Martin - so at least I am not going mad....

But does anyoneknow why? Surely companies can't just disappear from trade with no reason!



PS. If no-one knows, please say!!!!
You're not mad Mark, i just had a look on Nat West and neither exist !!!!
I don't know FAY but i have heard of RJB mining.
A bit of a mystery,what ?
If you held positions in these you could be skint, hehe.
Hope MONI and ARM etc don't suffer a similar fate :)

RJB Mining is now named "UK Coal PLC" following a resolution at the recent AGM - maybe it has a new ticker?

FAY also changed its name to Spectris earlier this month.

To be on the safe side I'd better say I don't know...Mark sounds angry today :)

Hope you haven't bought them..

I wonder how long it took the board to come up with that name... UK Coal plc ?
Hardly inspiring... maybe the new logo is a pile of nutty slack against a slagheap background :)

what are you saying ... doctors don't get angry they just get even ... make sure your GP doesn't wear his left trouser leg a little shorter than the other.


ps you could perhaps hum 'one fine day' that should calm Mark down a bit
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Not those trading shares, Steve...MMs can even make a Saint angry...just remember cookie's monkey jumping up and down out of his anger towards them and the kind language he used for them :)


Thanks guys, knew I could depend on you all.....

Darth, thanks for the name changes. Have to admit, I was getting frustrated - too much time wasting the weekend sitting in front of the books!!!

But now I will have my reward from my studies...a cold beer or two...or more!!!


fay was fairey, very good engineering firm (military contracts, etc)
theres a gap on my updata price editor for FAY betwen 25 may to end of month with no prices, and flat line on chart throughout and since then.

Spectris seem to have a share history going back many months, steady at 550 ish.
No trace of them on BBs that I can see

My brother in law worked for Fairey most of his life; I'll ask him if he knows owt
by the way, RJB has recently left the company (hence the name change!) and is rumoured to be gathering financial support for a takeover.

I guess it might be changing it's name back to RJB in the future?