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Would be most obliged for any information, guidance, links to help me get started with dealing in US stocks, and learning how to go about shorting. I currently am with comdirect.

Is there an equivalent fo ADVFN which gives info such as streaming trade info, etc on US stocks?

Good sites to research US stocks?

Any bulletin boards you would reccomend?

US stocks that I should have in my watchlist.

Thank you very much for the excellent and helpful response from members of this board. I shall certainly follow up all suggestions.

Sorry Turbo, I dont trade US stocks, only indices..I'm sure there are plenty of sites to get info, only I dont know about them, thought someone trading US stocks would come up with some info, obviously they taking their time, but I'm sure they will turn up :))

Get into the US chat room if you can. That's where the answers are... some are reluctant to post here for whatever reason....maybe they just dont get time to look here too often.

I dont trade US but like you I have been looking. One site I do like the look of is with a couple of free back issues that you can download. One edition gives good cover on shorting. Hope this helps.
I will have to thank you chaps once again for your suggestions. I think I've got enough to keep me busy for a little while. Hopefully this info will also be useful to other members of this board.

Wishing you even more success with your investment.

I could not think of the term that describes a female 'chap'
How about "folks" :p

Turbo, I'm putting together a US section of the knowledge bank that will be a great starting point for US Trading, should be available in the next few weeks.

> learning how to go about shorting.

If you want to short your options include:

UK spread bet account
UK CFD account (need e.g. £5k D4F, or £10k GNI to open)
US pattern daytrade account (need to keep bal >$25k)

A US daytrade account will typically include Level II dealing software and a streaming data feed, as will a GNI CFD account.

> Good sites to research US stocks? (see FAQs)

> Any bulletin boards you would reccomend?

There are some very informative threads here on T2W

> US stocks that I should have in my watchlist.

To start you could look at Nasdaq100, then filter out anything; less than $20 or greater than $40, daily volume less than 10M. From what's left look for stocks with high trading range. Avoid the stocks with highest capitalisation, e.g. Intel - too many pros. waiting to take your money.

Good luck

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