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Im trying to locate a post by Helen named Bye All. Tried all combinations on searching for a post menu but to no avail.
Where am I going wrong? Thanks.
Was going to say look in The Lounge. Just checked there and cannot see it.

Strange that.
Thanks for that fttrader & ftse beater. How strange that a thread has been deleted. It raises quite a few questions . Ignore the above . Just read your message ftse beater.
Hi ZigZag,

I made the decision to remove the thread in question because a) it had served its purpose of informing members that Helen would no longer be moderating on the boards, but more to the point because b) I did not want the thead to descend into a war of words - these boards are provided for the discussion of trading, and I'd like very much that it continues that way. I'm still very much in communications with Helen, and I know she wishes me all the best, as I do her, in the future.

In case any members did not see Helen's original post about leaving, I've copied my response in below - I hope that this puts an end to the matter.

"I'm afraid I've spoken to Helen, and she won't be coming back (at least not in the short term). It's a most unfortunate set of circumstances, and although I'd prefer not to comment on the details I wish her all the best with her trading and her contributions to the UK trading community.

Her existing board "Contemplating Trading Strategies" will be closed down for new posts, but the FOLS and Shareleague will be back on her old TMF board for now at:

And of course members can still see Helen on her website at"