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With a fundamentals Portfolio of around 200 and a daily watchlist of 75 I am just about burned out on information.

Whilst always frightened of missing something I am now of the belief that with the help of charting to back up my trading decisions surely I should be able to make a tidy sum sticking to my 75.

I intend to use site interactive charting to begin with and need to know on the basis of short term investing what indicators I should punch in.

EMA,SMA,RSI,MACD,OBV,Bollinger,Williams etc etc.

I am naturally looking for upward trends, lines of support and resistance and of course volume.

Hope you guys can help get me started.

Thanks in anticipation.

Cookie..... Out of the 140 odd indicators in Metastock I have found the following suits my style of trading:

Two Linear Regression Indicators rather than Moving Averages
Bollinger Bands
Stochastic Momentum Index
Williams %R

These tend to move with the price more than some other indicators which lag.

Whatever you choose dont chop and change devise a system and stick with it till it proves unworkable, and back test and back test till you feel confident to accept the signals produced.

Best wishes Ref even though i did get the Red Card

Thanks John,

No help from the rest I see, maybe too many alternatives will only confuse. Maybe the others don't know what they are doing anyway?? He He !

Am currently studying Hanson (HNS). Broke through upper trendline creating a higher high at 375ish earlier this month. Retraced back to trendline at 340ish last week.
Bounced back up to 360ish as at today - so far mostly sells.

How do you see this one going from here??


Cant comment about no response from others Cookie. Can only tell you what I found has been successful - well much of the time. No need to tell you theres no Holy Grail.

Looking at Hanson, from my charts it would appear at best to be trending sideways, with the BB's narrowing and volatility falling I do not see much scope for an increase above 380 or so

But then you pays your money and takes your choice

Sorry Cookie,i wasn't ignoring you, quite simply my TA knowledge is not good enough to give advice.
Like your gif; is it appropriate for your personality?
Hi Cookie, Like Steve I should probably be asking your advice, i'm experimenting with indicators too,Stochastics, Least Square( gives support resistance lines) MACD 9-26-50 also test 200 for longer term stocks , Wilder rsi and various Volume indicators. Because i use a Mac the software i use, Personal Hotline by Trendsetter has differently named indicators that are similar to PC indicators, very confusing.Still testing various combinations, backtesting is a must and well worth the time, I find indicators are more accurate in a rising market on back tests.
Anyone know a cheaper site to download end of day data , just finished my freebee's, the site i use is Dial Data, fees are $35 per month for everthing.