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Oct 8, 2006
Hi Chaps - getting my study materials together, got loads on technicals & charting. I've noticed there are plenty on Swing trading, looking at Amazon, some with the very helpful "look-in" function.
Can anyone recommend any Bibles/well regarded texts they've found helpful???
(Ahem! Andy C??!!! :-D )

Cheers in anticipation of yr responses,



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May 6, 2003
Bible: Alan Farley's The master Swing Trader
Simple primer: Marc Rivalland's Swing Trading


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Mar 18, 2002
barjon said:
Bible: Alan Farley's The master Swing Trader
Simple primer: Marc Rivalland's Swing Trading
Hi nickdd,
I'm loathed to disagree with anything that Jon says, coz he's da man! More on that in a mo'.
As a starting point, read Jon's own excellent article in the K' Lab:
I don't concur with Jon that Rivaland's text is a simple primer. I've read and re-read this book more than any other in my trading library. Like many good books which stand the test of time, it is deceptively simple upon casual inspection. But it contains a lot of info' and, besides, we are forever reading the trading mantra 'keep it simple (stupid)'. It may serve as a primer in as much as it may whet your appetite to research more - and perhaps this is what Jon meant. I've not read Farley but, by all accounts(and there are a lot of them), he may be a great trader but his writing style sure ain't for the faint hearted! So, start with Jon's article, go on to Rivaland and if you still thirst for more, try Farley.
Do report back your impressions / findings. Enjoy!