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I thought this would be better than that long Introduction post...

I am new to T2W and love it. Being from FL, USA , this website/forum is invigorating and interesting, informative and seductive. Most of the state-side forums are pay-for and it is unknown what the content is. I have not seen so many helpful posts & people in a forum to date. THANK YOU!

My Name is Rich and I'm from Florida. If you take this to mean that I can withstand five to seven months of 90+ degree daily temperatures annually and like to fish in the massive salt-water areas, you are dead-on! Sweating and swimming are two of my hobbies, fishing is a third. The heat is miserable, but something to be dealt with when air conditioning is not available. Drink plenty of water...

My introduction to the market was with ISRG and some minor profits prior to the 2008/2009 market issues. I knew the 2008/2009 ISRG $90 range was at bottom but was out of work at the time and could not invest my bank account ...Got an MBA instead. (Should have invested my bank account instead of incurring the student debt...the MBA did give me some confidence, tho'.)

Then came options classes, a futures class, & some mentoring. The classes were weak at best and did not teach support and resistance to a profitable degree. The futures "class" was a sales pitch for a system. The mentoring was horrible in not helping me understand what I asked about - support, resistance, price action, and stock research. All the while, they told us we had what it takes to start our own company. I made some money on RUT and MU...not enough to make a difference in the loss on the retirement accounts. Working on those.

We own three companies right now - trading (down 30%), environmental consulting (+), and another company which covers my wife's medical expenses. At least we haven't done everything wrong - the structure to cover the medical was great. Amazing how things work out.

My goal is to become a competent trader and I need some help. I have an understanding of price action and S & R. Just don't have the years of experience. My training to date has been "weak".

I have shared boat plans for the Hybrid boats (www.hybridduckboat.com) with people from Russia, Denmark, Europe, Canada, South Pacific, South America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and USA (from FL to Alaska to Maine). It is quite satisfying to share your knowledge with people and help them achieve a dream they never thought of. Very satisfying.

What does sharing boat plans have to do with trading - absolutely nothing. It was something I wanted to do (build a boat) since I was a young boy and my father always gave me reasons NOT to do it. Finally, when I was about 30, I said to heck with it and FINALLY did it. I now have 5 of my own designs (yes - five), sell some plans for $25 (with video), and have given others away for the last 14 years. Amazing what one can do, even when he is told he cannot do it or it is a waste of time. No, I make no profits on the boat plans, the $25 covers costs (website, printing, video, mailing, support, etc.) and nothing more.

I am so tired of hearing the market is gambling (or "rigged" / corrupt) because someone invested without knowledge and lost everything. (My cousin was up $60,000 on some stock and held instead of cashing out. Then lost it all.) It doesn't need to be this way. I KNOW people profit from the market - have seen it happen.

This is part of my journey...T2W. I'm a better person for being here. Thank you to everyone who has posted. Your sharing helps those of us who are just finding our way.

If you want to mentor a guy from Florida, let me know. I'm easy going and know how to follow instructions - to a fault. ...Have hearing aids and have had to follow instructions without questions or explanations all my life. Just how it goes for me.

Cheers! (y)
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