Hedge 4 Has anyone heard of/tried this EA ?


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Hi, I came across this hedging EA and I wondered if anyone had seen it and better tried it .
It is also a trading platform.
They are at hedge4.com or hedge4.ro
Thanks for your opinion.


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Hedge4 only works in demo account

Hi, I came across this hedging EA and I wondered if anyone had seen it and better tried it .
It is also a trading platform.
They are at hedge4.com or hedge4.ro
Thanks for your opinion.

I have tried HEDGE4 software as in demo version and it was great making such easy money in demo accounts.

I have than brought the HEDGE4 software as in live account. I was believing that I could make money from arbitrage trading however it turns out very disappointing when you put the software into a real live trading mode. You start to lose money.

As with any arbitrage trading software, there are many factors that make a live trading account fail. Things such as spread, speed of execution, slippages....etc making your live trading account fail. When it was in demo version, I could make so much money but once I switched to a live trading account I start to lose money.

Stay away from getting Hedge4 software and save your money. It works well in demo accounts but fail misery in live trading accounts.

I have learn my lession that there is no easy money trading forex. If trading forex is that easy to make money, everyone out there would siting at home trading forex for a living. There is not one software that can make you money in the long term and I have searching for one since 2008.

Lost over US$50,000 in trading as well as wasted on buying all kind of forex softwares, EA, Expert Advisors, forex trading systems, forex trading strategies, forex ebooks, forex softwares, forex indicators. Nothing will work !!! All scam products. They are all selling you dreams !!!!

If its that easy to make money trading forex, where do all these brokers get their money to pay you for your profitable trades......

Just think about what I have to say in this message. Stay away from trading forex and particularly forex arbitrage like Hedge4.....you will not make any money but losing money and wasted your money on buying Hedge4 software which is not cheap


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I spent hundreds of hours playing with Hedge4 (platform and EA). I wrote my own EA, after figuring out the messages that are passed between it and the platform.

My experience is similar to that of another person replying to this thread. The system made a lot of money on demo accounts. But, slippage was the downfall when trading live accounts.

I did find a few brokers that outperformed the rest (PDF, Armada, Pepperstone and Oanda). But even the accounts with those brokers lost money. The account with Armada had very little slippage. But, the whole idea behind Hedge4 is to make a profit on the difference between quotes of two or more brokers. If you only get reasonable slippage from one or two accounts, it can't make money.

The discrepancy between quotes generally occurs in very fast (news-based) markets. It is those very same market conditions that generate severe slippage. When you are trying to scalp two pips, a ten-pip slippage once or twice a day wipes out any prospect of making a profit.

About every three months I dig out the system and try again. But, I think it's hopeless.

Just to put a lid on it, the brokers will shut you down if they sense you are using tools like Hedge4.


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I used it a few years ago.

I spend 4-5 months on this and it looked very promising when I used with a demo account but failed to produce any profits with alive account.

If my memory serves me right I actually lost money on trading this system and it was very expensive as well (1000 Euro)

I felt crooked because I knew that if I developed a system like that I wouldn't have marketed it at all,

I also asked the the seller to pay a monthly rental as opposed to one time fee and he refused.

I should have known better.

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