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one more thing a chargeback with Forex companies that are extended to over one year beyond the regular charge back time. a chargeback doesn't take more than 30 days


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and if you want to get back there ditional 7000 that supposedly earnings from your account .
I suggest that you sent to the Forum the trade history of opening and closing trades I do suspect that have they have a win button that allows you to win trades automatically from what we saw in the platform it's probably a scam company that uses a platform that allows you to win and lose according to the company's wishes if that is the case do not open any trades

cheers daran for that sound info tomorrow is monday so i will be on it first thing i only have part of the trade history as the site was down for a day while they up graded to another trade platform one that looks more complicated , when this happened it only logged the new trades and not any old ones from the previous platform , however the ones i cant see are very few as it was just after i joined i have screen shots of the rest, i was alocated a broker at the start and it is he who does all the trades and to be honest it looked like he was dooing ok for me but then i know very little so who knows , i am inn catch 22 now as he wants more money and wont trade till he gets it , meaning the acount will just sit sitll untill the bonus time runs out where upon i will be shagged and get the bill for lost turn over on there part , a cunning plan but i have now found some emails from him that wil go a long way to putting a rope round his neck i hope , we will see what the action fraud police say on monday


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Had a good chat with Paul this morning and he understands that there are now Two routes open to him which he is going to pursue starting Monday.

Good job he found us helpful chaps on T2W (y)


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Had a good chat with Paul this morning and he understands that there are now Two routes open to him which he is going to pursue starting Monday.

Good job he found us helpful chaps on T2W (y)

thanx a lot for that you boosted my confidence a lot
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the power of google before parting with 12k


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These Universe-Market people stiffed me too, mercifully for a lot lot less. I'm going to read through this file again and start trying to get the cash back with outside help. It's obvious nothing is coming from them voluntarily.
Just FYI I've been trading profitably for years (see joining date) and just thought it might be fun to put a little money into a robot-based thing which I've never done before to see if it worked and made money. Evidently not. I'll keep you posted in the hope I find a way to get redress against these scumballs that other victims can use.
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