Has Anyone Ever Been to the The O2 Arena London?


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Hi folks,
I'm wanting to book tickets for a concert at the O2 arena and I'm struggling to decide which seats to book. Here is a seating plan: O2 Arena seating plan

It looks to me that wherever one is, there is a compromise to be had of some sort. If you want a good view of the stage - you have to sit at right angles to it and end up with a crick in your neck at the end of the evening. Alternatively, if you want to look more or less straight ahead, you have to sit so far back that the band are barely visible in the distance.

Has anyone ever been there and can advise me on the best seats to get a good view and where, hopefully, I wont be twisting my neck to see the stage? I'm happy to pay top dollar for both comfort and visibility!

Cheers all,
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Hi Tim

Last time I went there it was still the Dome - ( yes that long ago) - but in late 90's early 2000's I use to go a watch quite a few theatre shows in London - at least 5 a year - and I used to go on a website that told you the best seats to buy for all the London theatres in terms of view - /leg room / value for money etc etc

Not checked but if this site still exists ( or to see if ticketmaster bought it out and closed it down ) then its worth seeing if its got reviews on seating arrangements for the O2 - along with their best choices





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...................... it's to see Santana. I've been a fan since I was a teenager.

I think you've probably missed him. Not due again until next December


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You've lost me there I'm afraid 0007! He's playing the O2 in July.
Ah! That explains everything - I thought he'd gone back to the North Pole.
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Head for the side. Side middle is pretty much the best. They run to both sides of the stage anyhow and usually have the huge screens up (which isnt actually like watching the person sing, but interesting anyhow). The back.... sucks. Unless you like seeing ants acting like humans.... :)


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as in life price is the driver .............check out pricing and go from there

O2 is a bit of a farce - you may as well watch a large TV and save the aggro

we got to see Queen and Adam lambert in Vegas last year before they toured Europe..........just 3,000 people in the audience ........awesome............

my wife wanted to see them at the O2 this year ..........

no way hosea..........no point

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