7 Ways to Bring the Fight to the Markets

Jason Rogers

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I wanted to share this article my friend showed me the other day, because it relates two of my favorite subjects: trading and mixed martial arts :rambo:

This past Saturday I found myself in a very unusual place; attending a MMA Championship fight. Unusual for me because a younger, more shot-nosed, pseudo-intellectually judgmental version of myself thought that the invention of cage fighting was a harbinger of the decay of the civilized world. Neanderthals participating in the modern version of gladiator fights, thrilling over-roided audiences, drunk on branded souvenir cups full of Miller Lite, was the vision I had in my mind of these affairs. To think I would have ever paused to watch a match on TV, let alone attend one in person, was ludicrous. Yet there I was, with floor seats, not more than twenty feet away from the action, fascinated by what I saw, and ready to fully admit that my preconceived notions were not only pompous and arrogant, but 100% wrong...

Full article: http://bclund.com/2013/11/03/7-ways-bring-fight-markets/

Purple Brain

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Jason, has someone hijacked your account?

I've seen many metaphors used with respect to trading and the markets - some successful, others less so. The good ones have an immediate and direct connection with the unconscious. Those less so either leave one thinking 'very Zen, but how does this help?' or WTF?

For me, this falls in the latter camp.

This is beyond weird.


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Talking about fighting.....these are interesting quotes from the article:
Don’t be fooled into thinking that watching every tick gives you an edge. There are plenty of people making money while standing at the back of the area.

A back up plan?.....would this be the 3 out of 10 positive expectancy?
Mike Tyson is famous for saying, “Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth,”

The best fight is the one you don’t have.
Now this one is interesting because it is similar to what Bruce Lee said:
The art of fighting without fighting.
.....so WHO is fighting?
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