Gratuitous 500th Post


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Just thought I'd take this opportunity to state how much t2w has helped me change my trading style for the better. And in such a short space of time.

From a complete change in hardware platform to the software that runs on them. Must have demoed close to 20 different systems.

A totally new Risk & Money management style (far less risk - far more money) and a totally different trading approach and style. Much more relaxed.

I'm using far fewer indicators, far less analysis and spending less time trading and making more money. In fact, now I'm making money. Period.

I've discovered the joys (and terrors) of Level-II, printed over 2500 pages of useful articles and posts (read most of them too!).

Looking into new (for me) markets such as FX and Futures and discovering just how little I know about most things. And I'm not being modest, just honest.

Still need to get some training organised with you-know-who and I'm sure the info load will not decrease. I do hope not. I'm really used to it now and to a large extent depend upon it for my continued education.

Although I first registered in the Summer of 2003 I was too busy losing money then to spend much time on t2w until later last year.

In these last few months though, if I had known then just how much I would be doing, trying, changing, reading - I probably wouldn't have started out on the journey. The learning curve has been immense.

But here's the thing. The thing that made (and will continue to make, I'm sure) that journey so enjoyable, so useful and so personally profitable, has not been just my passion for trading - it has been the combined knowledge, help, education, good humour and the enormous generosity of all of you t2w members.

There are a few key members, the names of which I'm sure we're all aware to which many of us owe a genuine debt of gratitude for their unceasing support and open knowledge-share. I'm know they wouldn't appreciate being named, nor do I need to. They know who they are as do we.

Although I add my own 2p-th here and there, I still feel I am a massive net beneficiary of t2w.

A big THANKS to you all.

As this has turned into something of an Oscar Acceptance Speech, {trembling, shaky voice, with tears running down cheeks....} I'd also like to thank Sharky and the mods for running such an incredibly good site.



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U 4got to thank ur agent, friends, family, ur milkman, Geoge Bush, etc ,


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Oscars - Bah - humbug!!! Here's a pic to reinforce my views of that.

Seriously though Bramble - there is a lot to be learned here :)


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Ron, thanks for awarding me 'Plonker of the Year'.

Guess I deserved it after that uninhibited outpouring of raw emotion.

(Thought I was amongst friends too....)


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That's great Tony! Thanks for sharing your experience of the site - it really does make all the hard work worthwhile. {feeling a warm glow inside}


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I have a bottle of cold Chablis in the fridge, you've given me cause to liberate it tonight. With all your system changes, indicator diet, etc., you've clearly shown the most important change, your psychology. So Gwyneth, we shall drink a toast, and go girl! :)


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Bramble - you are among friends.
OSCAR is the Plonker of the year! I have a somewhat warped sense of humour
As we say on Tyneside "divvn't fesh yoursel hinnie"


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Tony i think you've sarted something ilia King is celebrating his 100th post.


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To help you celebrate your 500th (although I'm a week late!). You have given me the courage to write my very FIRST post. I have been filling my head with Trading Research to the point of overload and am in danger of messey explosion soon. I have gone from the 'totally committed' enthusiast to the 'can't be bothered with all this' to the 'I haven't got enough money' and of cours 'I don't know what they're all on about'. I couldn't even find my way round this website for at least 6 hours!

But your post has given me inspiration. I will continue, I will lose money and I will try to find in me what it is that keeps you guys going until you turn it around. I am no gambler, I am not wealthy, I hate maths and I particularly hate Candlesticks at the moment - but I do want to make this work if only to say I've beaten the system, enough to pay for the phone bill anyway.

I hope you will be there to help me along the way as you have obviously experienced alot of the 'downs' that I am about to embark on - learning the language has been a big hurdle for a start!

Off to read the rest of Toni Turner's Beginners Guide to Day Trading Online. Please don't tell me that's a mistake aswell!


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I too loathe candlesticks. I used to think they were wonderful, and then I changed back to bars - and I began to see that there was much more information on price available to me. Horses for courses though.


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I don't like candles .
but then I dont like bars either.
been there, done that.

line charts for me.
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