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Without being too flippant, monday-friday are good days to trade.

Each of these days brings the potential to be a good day. But you have to be there to take advantage.

This suggests that part-time trading is doomed to potential failure as you are bound not to be there when it all happens!

As they say if you treat trading as a hobby, it is bound to cost you money as all hobbies do!.Trading is a full time job.



Sorry but I disagree with you. You can make good money trading part time and by that I mean trade 2.30pm to 4.00pm or 7.00pm to 9.00pm and then only on days you want to. There are a number of traders who have full time jobs who come home from work and trade from 7.00pm onwards and one of which more than doubled their account in only 3 weeks with a starting capital of over $25K.



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I think that mully is correct in the point that a lot of people treat this as a hobby instead of a business and this is the point that dooms people to failure that and probably thinking it is easy to trade/invest. There are opportunities all through the trading day but if you miss one there will always be another trade soon.

I am working toward trader333's way of thinking that there are certain periods in the day that provide a wider scope of opportunities. Currently i am working an an market open strategy for the dow which so far look promising. If all goes well the index day trading aspect of my day will be down to just a half hour at the opening bell :)

As long as your making money then the less screen time the better
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