FYI - 15 days Nasdaq


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Over the last 15 trading days (Thanksgiving excepted) The Naz has been down 11 of these.
2 up days in the middle until Fridays jump by 149 points on a short trading day ( closed at 1pm) as follows:-

Mon 6th Nov ( 3452 )
6 consecutive days down - (total -485 points = -14%)
Tues 14th jumped +172 pts
Wed 15th jumped +27 points
Thurs 16th ( 3165 )
5 consecutive days down - (total -411 points = -13% )
Friday recoverd +149 to 2903

Firstly there is a pattern - will we see the two day bounce repeated?, and secondly Naz has breached the 2900 barrier.

What do you think???

Can't stop of to see the 'Daggers' play Southport in the Conference.

Have a nice weekend.

Hi Cookie,

Hope you`re enjoying the weekend..I sure am..nice and relaxed.. :)

Believing that next week we'll at least see a decent bounce although I am still concerned about the long term I think investors' growth concerns over the techs, signs/worries of economic slow down/recession in the US, still high oil prices are still there..having said this, the Nasadaq`s being sold out and the chances of US president problem been solved next week will most probably result in a couple of bounces next let`s get prepared to make best use of them and lighten up our portfolios..

An article in todays NY Times by By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER shed some lights on the current might find the comments by various analysts interesting..