Gold calls.Long term -medium term and intraday calls in gold is here !.

Calls/Signals provided by "sujithsstorock" have earned me profit ?

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The move on inventory has been and gone, from 824 - 829. I wouldn't fancy going long now,
hope I'm wrong for longens. (I missed it - too slow..)


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Watch 824 carefully. If price penetrates and then stays below 824 (I'm talking hourly chart here) then its time to short, with a target of 821 then 818


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As 824 has held for the last 2 hours I'd be happy going long here, but with a tightish stop around 823. Targets 830, 835


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looking positive. Silver call running still. But didn't hit any target or stop.

I am just sitting out and watching.
let london close and we might see gold up, i think pound @1.83 is holding it going up.


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I'm off now guys, good luck, see you all tomorrow :)

Seems to be going up now, if you're not in yet wait for a pullback, say to 825 if you're lucky before jumping in long.

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