Get rid of T2W members choice awards thing!!!

The 2009 members choice awards banner

  • I don't mind it really

    Votes: 8 53.3%
  • It's actually damn annoying - get rid of it!

    Votes: 7 46.7%

  • Total voters


Senior member
2,543 283
omg guys are you taking the p.iss?!? I know all about the awards & I frankly don't give a damn, I don't need that little banner on every single page obstructing the viewing and getting in the way. It's seriously annoying.

Please remove this, it's reallly bad.


Experienced member
1,604 243
Yes, please get rid of it, or at least move it. It steals focus from "search new posts" and search text fields. It's horrible.


Experienced member
1,608 102
....It does not....!


5,583 310
I see it could be a problem on narrow screens if it obstructs the new posts button. We'll update it now so you can either click to remove and/or it doesn't show if you've voted.


5,583 310
Arghhh, yeah I can imagine!!

Okay good news our tech gurus have updated it so it sticks to the top of the page, and once you click on it - it won't show up again (we set a cookie, so if you use a different pc or browser you'll have to click again).
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