Games to play during lockdown


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What games have you played during lockdown ?
OK I will kick off with a student game,
Get about 6 plus people to play. All sit round in a circle on the floor.
A glass of wine is put in the middle.
Each person takes a card from the pack in turn.
Whoever draws the ace of spades has to either drink the wine or do a forfeit like sing a song , recite a poem. or take off a piece of their clothing. Make your own rules.
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When I first read your question: "What games have you played during lockdown ?", I thought about computer games. But then I read your post, I realized that's not what you asked lol... Even though I was a little upset (I really like computer games), I played normal games too.
I guess no one is interested in the banal monopoly or anything like that. My favorite game was and is the Mafia (again, not a computer game :/ ). I will not explain the rules, you can find them yourself. But I will tell you why I liked this game so much.
The game is based first of all on communication, on discussions between participants. Discussion of the game situation takes place through a clash of opinions in constant disputes, with some players preferring to keep silent, while others, on the contrary, actively and noisily participate in the discussion. The goal of the game is to survive as a team.
The game consists of two main components: psychological and mathematical.
Mathematical: Players need to remember every "day" who voted for whom and who was the one they voted for. At important moments it is easy to determine who voted for the most honest, most likely the mafia.
Psychologically: Players must have the acting skills (a little at least) to convince others of their honesty.
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I treat trading as a hobby and game. So there is plenty to play for.
Playing poker can be time consuming too.
Warren Buffet plays bridge online.


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I play a game where, when out shopping, I work out who is most likely to die first from covid.
Points deducted based on if they are not masked up, don't respect the "No Entry" on the aisle markings, who has brought their kids, etc.

Another game I like playing is who is the worst person at the local Tesco at judging what 2metres is.


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Personally, I played the game Dungeons and Dragons very often during lockdown. Dungeons and Dragons is a world famous fantasy role-playing game that appeared in the 1970s. It has a number of characteristics and features that have had a significant impact on the development of various games around the world. In the game there is a Master, who is both an arbitrator and a leader of the game, who doesn't have his game character, but describes the world and everything that happens in it. The other players control their own character-alter ego - the game has a deep role-playing component, starting with the choice of race, class, characteristics, skills and equipment, and ending with the invented biography of the character. During the game, each player is free to set any actions for his character, and the results of actions are determined by the master in accordance with the rules. Random events are determined by a dice roll. Players travel the world and complete various tasks of the master. As they travel, the characters become stronger and acquire new items as well as earn money. And it is ideal when you want to spend time not just to kill, but to spend it interesting and even useful. Personally, I strongly advise this game, everyone will like it. Especially if you are a fan of the fantasy genre.
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