FXTREK Intellicharts


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Has anyone had experience of the Intellichart packages at fxtrek.com, either the online or desktop package?

I am thinking of subscribing to it in my endless hunt for reliable intraday FX Charts.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Many Thanks.
Yeah I have - and thanks for that.

I was just wondering if anyone else other than me and you actually trade Forex !

I personally think that the Intellicharts look quite good.
All down to preferances.
Newtron Bomb, I think. Uses Sierra/my track. Though don't quote me on that.
Hi folks
I used to use that combo but have changed to esignal in the past few weeks for all my data and charting....

Mytrack feed for forex has become very unstable and severely lagging since there server upgrade and was continuously not picking up data and not backfilling.

I have found esignal very reliable the customer service has been excellent so far and any problems have been dealt with immediately. They have also telephoned after the problems to make sure that everything was as it should be.