FxPro.com cheat?


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Is it just me or is this fxpro changing candle sticks to cheat and fool people? I have been with them for 2 year and had a lot bad experiences like, charted related problems, the terminal freezing and price error during high volatility, but the video shown below just take the ****.

FxPro cheat - YouTube

I contacted them about it and this was their excuse
Please note that although demo accounts present real market prices and as far as possible market conditions, they are simulations only, predominantly used as a learning tool for inexperienced investors or for testing new trading strategies. During highly volatile or illiquid periods (market openings, news announcements, e.t.c.) demo accounts may not behave in the same manner as a real accounts. Similar trades requested on real and demo accounts maybe treated differently during such periods.
. No mention about about the real account candle stick, which makes me thing they done it on purpose.

I checked the bar today and they have changed it, http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/37/fxprocheat.jpg, do they have the right to change bar when ever they feel like it?
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i never seen any problems with them for a 3 yeras. But i left them by the several reasons: not available high leverage, micro lot (such as 0.01), and there are no bonuses. So choose another one broker with similar execution, but additional advantages - you can try accentforex. But if you are calm trader with deposit about $5000 or more, and your gonna to earn 10% per month - you can try fxpro.com, in other case - try accentforex.com
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