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sorry been too busy to get back to charts

US Session - CAd then GBP hammered south - GBP to -100 pips ,NZD THE buy , usd has got bull , yen rangy to the bull side ......

pairwise the moves were buying ucad and selling GU .......

morning all

yen and AUD the buys
USD and GBP the sells

6am ......

AUD flying north , Yen GBP sold

pairs ........
EA sell to -50's , AU buys to +30

not too bad....shame USD and GBP are bear

took gu buys around 33/34's off swing low confirmation .a little aggressive but i'm nearly done for day and doing ok
technically on 5mins the gu is still a sell waiting to happen ...
ea reselling from 4606 but only a handful to the 4593 low ........prefer a deeper retrend or need the breach to confirm resells
ok i'm done ........been playing out a couple of scalps running

have a good day - not bad from me so no complaints

not getting back tonight

sensational us session..usd came big big bull.....

pairwise buying usd into anything worked ..... UJ best

morning all

gbp and yen the players bull - to +20's only
NZD USD selling ...CHF
generally lowish volumes

6am opens

good aud to + 15 , CAd , Euro trying bull
Yen the deep sell to -15's
early days

the Aud bull got me into EA sells but small potatoes
a little EJ buying in mix off of the yen bear
chump change so far
for the week

usd and GBP fighting for dog spot .....both approx. 90-100 pips south
yens the bull for week at again just over 100 pips

since all of these dudes have come back 40-50% already from highs/lows my Friday Trader closeout strategies are not really as valid as usual ........I really need a trending currency to be pushing the high/low into thursday to generate interest for friday reversals

ok on my radar I have

bull usd , bull euro , bear cad

main drivers at moment
ea buys have been my star performer in last hour....EA is up 70 pips from lows around 6.30 this morning .........

anyway i'm finished .....back later
ucad 2947 strong R level .......cad bear banging on door and usd sustaining buys