FxBears - Daily Diary Novice to ....

Feb 21, 2016
Hi Please Note that I am NOT an Expert
I am sincerly wishing to create an online record for my own personal growth
on how to Trade Correctly first and foremost and see if my personal observations are sound.
Please Do NOT use my charts as Signals to Trade they are NOT Suggestions to trade.

Hi Everyone
Trading is a MineField... Correction My Choices and Actions are the Mind Field
2008 introduction to working for a ShareDealing Bank placing trades for people.
Placing trades for one client only on ETF's started an account with £1 million
after 3 years he had increased this to £3.5 Million

All this was trading ETFs only I asked him if he didn't mind telling me how he decided when to buy and sell
Buy the Troughs
Sell the Peaks
was his reply. Quite simple hey well that was my introduction to trading and my Grandfather had bought Value company's stocks Marks and Spencers etc and over a period of time those grew to £90,000+
So began my desire to Learn and Succeed.....

I Learned very slowly that your money can dissipate quickly and it seems whilst writing this that for me there is a correlation between not respecting the money I have and the amount of trades to the speed of giving that money away to the market.

2016 8 years on and financially flat at the moment but with the desire to succeed in respect for my Grandfather to make back the £14,000 he gave me in his will. I didn't gamble the money just incase that's what your thinking, I bought course after course business opp after business opp and learned as much as possible and then traded and traded and traded too much. Risk vs Reward even though I knew about the concepts and chart patterns i did not apply them focusing on the trying to make money aspect instead of trading strategically.

So today I'll start buy mapping out a daily log following currencies stocks and definitely ETF's and do daily reports just to log my understanding or lack there of.

So hopefully in another 8 years I can lookback on this post and my Grandfather will look down from heaven with a smile.

Kind Regards