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Decided to have a market free day today(U.S. Closed) and decided to look at FX after reading the FX enthusiasts posts.
Following my golden rule of not risking money if I dont understand the game I am looking to research the Euro/USD market.
AS I see it and please correct me if I am wrong the trading week starts in Sydney at 5 PM U.S. E.T. followed by Tokyo (7 P.M. E.T.)
LOndon 2 Am E.T. and then NYC 8 a.m. E.T.
As the FX markets are continuous the daily bar should show a close at 5pm E.T (NYC) with an open (Sydey). The high would be the highest of all the markets and the low the lowest of all the markets.
My first question is on a daily E.O.D. will the O.H.L.C. follow the above reasoning? I looked at FXstreet.com but it did not make it clear. The alternative of course could be that depending on individual sites in different countries the E.O.D H.L.C. would only show the Highs & Lows of the individual countries opening Hrs.
Question 2: Would you like to share your favourite free charting sites.
Question 3: For my research do you know of any sites that provide free E.O.D data. I could of course use FXstreet chart
java charts and write down each day for the sample I want then transpose them to Excel ...Ugh. ..... THanks for your help .


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Thanks for that Paul. There must be a major data provider. The chart on the site you mentioned is the same as FXstreet.


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One of the primary data suppliers are GTIS. If you have a look at:


You can see the list of contributors.

I haven't looked at vendors that supply GTIS rates outside of e-signal, which I use for everything else anyway (the GTIS fx feed is an extra 50 bucks a month).


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Sandpiper, Thanks for your reply & info. Will have a look.


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fonzfx. Thanks for that but unfortunately I get a blank screen. The sites Im impressed with so far is FXCM.com & dailyfx.com although the charts appear to be the same. The info available is great especially the view info menu which gives live changes of M.As..Although I have only back tested the last 80 day period there does appear to be clearer tradable trends. Obviously the major trend is up but there was opportunities for shortsas well. E.G. Today.My first ever trade in FX (Euro/USD)was a short which came up trumps. BEginners luck? Time will tell. However Im hooked.


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Zig Zag

If you want real time forex charts for free, I would recommend signing up for a demo account at CMS.


There is no trial period time limit as elsewhere, and the charts and indicators available are very good aswell.



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I cannot get that chart up too. Think something involving the Java Plug-in not right. Sorry about that. Anyway here's another webby you can try
Just make sure you have the lastest Java Plug-in JRE 1.4 above installed and enable.

Yup, i do trade intraday but not before i analysis the daily charts for the major trend. It is kind of important to follow the trend. Well ZigZag, yeah you do have beginners luck! But not forgetting that you do put in a beginner's hardwork :!: Keep it up ! :D

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fonz. Thanks for your reply will give it a try. P.S. More beginners luck today by staying with the short term downtrend. Will see if there is a change when the 2 Hr U.K./U.S. overlap occurs.
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