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Been having a look around the website looking for some info on trading futures. I have some experience of trading the US markets via spreadbet, but I have recently opened an account with Interactive Brokers to trade direct - one contract initially.

Are there any recommendations as to which index is easiest to learn/trade? I am thinking of either the emini S&P or emini Dow.

I shall be trading intraday rather than holding overnight, so any advice on techniques/sources of information would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance.
ES (emini S&P) is more liquid than YM (emini Dow), but both markets are liquid enough to enable you to easily get in and out of trades, especially with one lot. When you get to 50 lots, that is when liquidity would be important to you, but that's a problem which won't affect you to start with.

There are major threads on these boards for trading both the Dow (cash) and ES - they're under the Indices board.

And welcome to T2W. :D

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It would also be useful for you to learn about emini Nasdaq futures as you sometimes get good moves on those when the S&Ps are moribund.
Always be aware of floor traders pivot levels, fib retracement levels, value areas - but above all develop your methodologies and test them LIVE over a period before risking any capital.
Remember you won't see DOM on IB so that will be a minor disadvantage, though you need a lot of experience to gain anything from it anyway.
And before anybody starts, no, I no longer coach futures trading and I am not looking for students!
I prefer trading US shares intraday.


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Horse Race Betting - (too many runners!) :cry:
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Why not STIR's?? (Sterling, Euribor, Eurodollar) These are liquid, and can trend very well!


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The eurobund is said to be a good learning place for futures traders. 10 euro's a tick, plenty of volume.
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