Funny old world........

Well, it would be if I wasn't losing money! Actually, I have a serenity about the matter.....if you keep your head when all around are losing theirs....

Haven't posted for a while - having to study for exams again - but I am interested in views of how bearish was today in the medium term? Do people think that todays fall on high volumes (esp. in many techs) is everyone panicking to get out at ANY price - even if your company (eg LOG) has reported impressive figures - the scenario, so I'm told, that occurs at a true bottom? Or do people feel that this is a start of a true crash.......

Interested in your thoughts
See you all later at the lecture

I don't think we are looking at a crash here. Think ppl are thinking to short term and selling out of emotion rather than rational thinking.
For example. If a month ago someone told you that moni, arm, log etc etc etcwould be available at the current prices you would have snapped there hands off. So what price will they be in 6 months time? If you think that these are not bargain prices then sell. If you think that the markets will not lift and we are entering a 1920s style depression then sell. However if you think that the world will still want computers,food,loans etc etc and that ppl have the money in their pockets to spend ( i have never been so well off as i am at the mo ) then buy, fill your boots, stock up on all those stocks you always wanted to buy.
Because if you don't you may well be sat in the chat room in 6 months time when you see SEFTY SELLS XZY STOCK AT 850 MAKING HIMSELF A SMALL FORTUNE.

Good luck and think big ppl