Funding Talent - The perfect program for people who don't have much capital


Hello traders! I am here to present you a program for which I have been trading for 4 months and I am quite satisfied. It differs from the others in that you do not have challenges to win to pay your profits, you do not have a goal how big profits to have them to pay you, everyone who enters the program has access to training (Means that it is not only for advanced but also for beginner traders) and gives the opportunity to trade capital up to $ 300,000. In this program there are 2 ways to make money (Funded Earnings and Talent Bonus) and who thinks about his future development as a full-time trader I'm sure he will like it.
The Talent Bonus represents 10% of all winnings that you make to your demo account. These winnings are paid out every 2 weeks and there is no limit to how many dollars this will be. Example: You have an account of $ 100,000 and for the first 2 weeks you make a profit of $ 1,000, ie. your account is already $ 101,000 here you are paid 10% of the profit, ie. $ 100. In the next 2 weeks you make a profit of another $ 2,000 and your account is already $ 103,000. here you are paid 10% of the profit again, ie. $ 300.
Here comes the Funded Earnings (in my opinion the best part) this is the total profit of the account for the month, which is deposited to a real account and you will have access to this account after it reaches $ 15,000 with a $ 100,000 account(15% of the account). However, Funded Earnings has a limit of 5% of the account for one month, ie. for an $ 100,000 account, that's $ 5,000.
Once you have access to the real account, you can withdraw winnings as often as you want.

There are 4 rules for the demo account:
1) 5% Daily Drawdown
2) 10% Overall Drawdown
3) At least 3 days a week in which you traded
4) At least 12 days in the month in which you traded

From here you can view their site.

I hope I was useful and comprehensive enough



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The hamster wheel prop trading service at has
3. Is this a trusted service?

Yes! 100%. My name. face and reputation are all attached to this brand.

Well as long as the level of trust is at least 99 44/100%, it should be good enough for anyone.:)

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