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Hello, my name is Mark Reardon. I would like to introduce you to new trade copier service that we provide. I have been trading the foreign currency markets since 2006 and I am a licensed currency fund manager.

My company Kalinda Currency Portfolios Pty Ltd (Kalinda) ABN 47 157 766 571, is a corporate Authorised Representative (Authorised Representative No 422150) of Trend Investor Services Pty Ltd (Trend) (AFS Licence No 255475). Kalinda is authorised to offer a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) Service to retail and wholesale clients whereby we manage the trading for our clients by using a system which copies our trading signals.

How does it work?

The first step is to open an account with a forex broker. You can download a demo account from any broker and use our 14 day free trial.

Many signal services require you to open the account with specific broker or brokers. In this way , these other services earn commissions on your trading – which leads to higher spreads and the worst execution conditions.

We do not receive spread commissions from any broker; you can use the broker of your own choice providing that they provide the MT4 trading platform. Most brokers can provide the MT4 as it is the most popular foreign currency trading platform.

After your account is established, next step is to connect it with our system. The good news is that we will do it for you. After you will send us login details to your account we will connect it on our servers which runs 24/7. No more action from your side is required, we will connect everything on our side and also make specific settings according to the risk model that you choose. We will monitor the markets as well as the systems to make sure that everything is running smoothly Now all you have to do is watch your account grow.

How can you join us ?

1) Go to our website and fill up the subscription form contact us by email [email protected] or by PM on this forum. After we receive your request we will send detailed instructions. Keep in mind that you are allowed a 14 days FREE TRIAL with no obligations. No credit card or Paypal details are required for the trial. Kalinda Signals - Forex managed account services, trading signals
2) You can also join our AFFILATE program. Each affilate is allowed to use the service without any charge after his number of active introduced clients stays above 10 customers.

The affilate will receive $25 for each active paying customer per month. There is also a bonus for affiliates who introduce more than 30 customers in any single month, after which the commission doubles for the new customers as well as the existing customers introduced by the affiliate.

Here is an example:

You start in the affilate program and in the first month. for example, you reach the 20 customer subscriber base. From that amount we pay you $500. The next month you decide to start using our service for free (you qualified by reaching more than 10 active customers), you add $1500 to your trading account plus $500 that you earned. In total you start next month with $2000 on your trading account, and you take the minimum risk involved. In the next month you introduce 60 clients to the service. Also the performance next month is +10%. This gives you in summary:
$200 growth on your trading account, $500 * 2 (bonus) for 30 clients introduced in May (first month) = 1000$ in cash
1500 * 2 (bonus) for 60 clients introduced in this month = 3000$ in cash
Total : 4200$.

Lets say that in next month you went to vacations and you didn't introduced any client. Performance on next month was -2%. Here is how your income will look like:

Trading account : 2200$ - 2% = 2156$ ($44 loss)
90 clients – 10 that left service = 80 clients * $25 = $2000 in cash.
Summary: We pay you $2000 in cash and you lost 44 on your trading acc. In total you earned $1956 for this month while you were swimming in the ocean.

The service require knowledge about forex,stocks or any trading knowledge. It even don't require internet connection or computer. For making trading decisions we are using 4 hours charts or daily timeframe, so we don't make rapid scalp trades, we are trading very conservatively to produce consistent growth for our subscribers.
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