Fund Manager = "Clueless"

I've been in Finance for many years and have always been of the opinion that they are all misinformed fudamentalists being wined and dined by accountants and companies being paid rediculous amounts of bonuses even when they make a loss! What about split investement trusts last year in the UK 20,000 people lost 6 Billion - I Repeat SIX BILLION and these peasants continually lined their own pockets. They are pathetic they should be outed never allowed to work in the investment field again - they should all lose their houses big cars fat pension schemes. and sent to devils island to do hard labour for 20 years. Lets link also the Insurance and Pension Fund Managers. Will it happen no - Pay them off with million pound payoffs - Thats the way !! The worlds gone mad !!! we should have a website in the UK like in the USA and name these scroungers!!